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Hunsbury Meadows Parish Council represents the people of Hunsbury Meadows Parish, delivering services to meet your local needs and working hard to improve overall quality of life.

On the site you will find details on everything we do, including our role, meeting minutes, planning applications, as well as news and local events.

If there's anything you need to know please feel free to contact us.

Please note the next Parish Meeting will be on the 4th September 2019

Latest News

Summer Fire Safety Campaign

Posted: Thu, 08 Aug 2019 15:40 by Parish Administrator

Summer Fire Safety Campaign

A campaign to highlight the grass fire risk posed during warm summer months has been launched by firefighters in Northamptonshire.

Last year Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) attended 378 fires affecting grassland, woodland and crops in areas ranging from people's gardens to roadside vegetation and farmland.

NFRS launched its Summer Fire Safety Campaign to highlight the fire risks posed during hot, dry weather and promote the safety steps people can take to prevent blazes breaking out. More »

The launch was held at Brixworth Country Park where a fire broke out last year in a composting area, which it is believed could have been caused by a barbecue thrown away while still hot. The fire damaged the composting area and surrounding fencing.

Steven Swan, NFRS risk intelligence officer, said: "The British weather can be very hard to predict and periods of heavy rain can very easily be followed by prolonged periods of hot, dry weather.
"What so many people do not recognise is the difference a change in weather makes to the conditions in the environment around them. Grass and shrubbery can become tinder dry, which means fire can take hold and spread more easily.

"We would ask people to please respect their environment and think twice about where and how they use barbecues or put out cigarettes."

Last summer, Northamptonshire experienced long stretches of hot, dry weather which made grass, trees and shrubbery across the county extremely dry. Although there have been recent periods of heavy rain in Northamptonshire, a hot spell of weather has been predicted and NFRS are keen to encourage people to think about fire prevention in the coming summer months.

In the last 10 years, NFRS attended 3676 fires in farmland, gardens, woodland and cropland.

District Liaison Officer Tina Collett said: "We would like to use this opportunity to remind people about how they can help prevent potentially serious fires from breaking out in Northamptonshire's areas of countryside, parks and in their own gardens.
"If going out and about to have a barbecue, make sure you only use safe, designated areas and, when disposing of a barbecue, make sure it is cold and thoroughly extinguished. Barbecues can remain hot for a surprising amount of time.
"We want people to enjoy their summer, but also to take steps to ensure they are keeping themselves and the countryside safe."

Summer safety prevention messages:

  • Only have barbecues in designated areas and avoid setting any open fires in the countryside.
  • Always stay with a barbecue and do not leave it unattended. Never use accelerants such as petrol or paraffin on or near barbecues or fires.
  • Whether at home or elsewhere, make sure barbecues are kept away from sheds, fences, trees, shrubs or garden waste.
  • Avoid setting fire to garden waste.
  • Barbecues can remain hot for a very long time. Ensure they are cold and have been extinguished properly before disposal. Keeping a bucket of water handy, or having a garden hose nearby is a useful precaution.
  • Do not empty ashes into dustbins or wheelie bins. If they're hot, they can melt plastic and start a fire.
  • In hot, sunny conditions, glass items like bottles can start fires if left in the sun. If having a picnic, it's best to take bottles and jars home and recycle them properly.
  • Make sure cigarettes are extinguished properly. Never throw cigarettes out of car windows, they can ruin whole fields of crops.
  • NFRS recommend you do not use sky lanterns. People have no control over them once they've been set off. They can litter the countryside and even start fires.
  • If you see a fire in the countryside, please alert the emergency services by ringing 999.
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Advice For Driving In Bad Weather

Posted: Thu, 08 Aug 2019 14:43 by Parish Administrator

Advice For Driving In Bad Weather

With heavy rain and strong winds forecasted tomorrow (Friday, August 9) and into Saturday (August 10), Northamptonshire Safer Roads Alliance (NSRA) has issued the following advice for driving in bad weather.

• Stopping distances will be at least double in wet weather as your tyres will have less grip on the road, so leave more space between you and the vehicle in front.
• Reduce speed and be prepared to move further back if your visibility gets worse.
• Make sure your windscreen wipers are in good working order and your tyres have sufficient tread and are correctly inflated.
• Beware of road surfaces that may be more slippery, especially if the rain follows a long dry spell.
• Watch out for puddles and areas of standing water. More »

NSRA is a countywide partnership between Northamptonshire Police, The Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service, and Northamptonshire Highways, which represents the County Council. It was set up in November last year with the aim to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured and make the county's roads safer.

Message Sent By
Sarah Thomson (Police, Communications Officer, Countywide)

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Northampton Museums & Art Gallery September 2019-January 2020 What’s On guide

Posted: Tue, 06 Aug 2019 09:10 by Parish Administrator

Northampton Museums & Art Gallery September 2019-January 2020 What’s On guide

Northampton Museums & Art Gallery September 2019-January 2020 What's On guide

As always, we have something for everyone in our latest season of events, from our ever-popular Over 60s talks to a study day on Eleanor of Castile and the Northampton Cross, cookery classes and food fairs, and holiday workshops for children.

Death on Two Legs

We have an exciting exhibition of beautifully crafted designs in leaves opening at Abington Park Museum. More »

Death on Two Legs features the work of Northampton artist Aasen Stephenson who has been creating work using traditional paper cutting techniques for many years and first started experimenting with Abington Park's fallen sycamore leaves in 2012.

The exhibition runs from Saturday 21 September until Sunday 17 November. Free admission.

A Festive Evening of Gin

If you missed out on getting tickets for our last sold out gin evening, get booked up for A Festive Evening of Gin on Saturday 9 November.

This two-hour event will be hosted by Quentin Neville of Phipps Brewery and will include seasonal and Christmas gins – tastings, sampling and pairings!

£30 per person for over 18s only.

October half term

Children can design and create a tambourine or decorate a maraca in our musical craft workshop during October half term.

Following their sell-out success in February our veggie sushi for children workshops are also returning for the October holidays.

Advance booking for both workshops is highly recommended as our children's activities regularly sell out.

Over 60s

Our popular Over 60s talks return once more - this season features talks on topics including the Tresham family, Wallis Simpson, Richard III and more.

Book early to secure your tickets. Booking opens Thursday 5 September at 1pm for the Over 60s talks. £3 per talk. Includes refreshments.

Work continues apace on the expansion of Northampton Museum & Art Gallery ahead of the re-opening in spring 2020 – the floor of the new extension and link is now in place and the steel framework for the roof, cladding and glazing has been installed. Take a sneak peek on page 3 of the new what's on guide.

To book for any of our events call 01604 838110 from 1-5pm, Tuesday to Sunday (Thursday to Sunday outside of school holidays) or book online through Eventbrite.

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