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Northampton General Hospital A&E

Northampton General Hospital A&E

Urgent communication to members of the public from Chief Operating Officer/Deputy Chief executive, Deborah Needham.

Northampton General Hospital's accident and emergency department is experiencing high demand for its services, and the hospital has been running at the highest level of escalation - OPEL 4, previously known as "black alert" - for the last two days.

The department has seen some of its busiest days of the season this week, although we have been able to deal with the high numbers and still seen four out of five patients within four hours.

Deborah Needham (NGH chief operating officer/Deputy chief executive) said: "We are still seeing many people attending A&E who could be more quickly and effectively treated elsewhere. To ensure that we can treat and care for the most seriously ill patients it's essential that people only come to A&E for life-threatening emergencies.

"We would urge patients to get early help from their pharmacist or GP when they start to feel unwell, especially if they're managing a long-term condition because getting help early could prevent a hospital admission later.

"You can also access confidential health service information by calling 111, available 24 hours a day. They will direct you to the best place to get treatment, including the GP out of hours service.

"Remember to keep on top of their medications and have a flu jab if you are eligible.
"If you have relatives in hospital, you can also assist by being ready to help your loved ones return home or to their place of care when they are ready to be discharged."

Posted: Fri, 17 Nov 2017 16:09 by Parish Administrator

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