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Clerk: Mr Lalitkumar Patel
52 Meadow Lane, Little
Houghton, Northampton NN7 1AH

Burglary crime prevention message

Posted: Fri, 26 Jan 2018 16:47 by Parish Administrator

Burglary crime prevention message

Good afternoon all.

Sadly we have seen a small number of reports of both Dwelling and Non Dwelling Burglaries in the Duston and Upton areas of Northampton.

Please ensure your property is secure, keeping keys out of reach of windows and doors. Please don't forget that the items stored in your garage or shed are just as valuable as the items kept within your home and deserve the same / similar level of security. Please ensure that pedal cycles and motorcycles are secured appropriately within the shed / garage even if the main building is itself secure.

For further information on crime prevention, please visit:

Please report any suspicious activity to 101 or 999 as appropriate. Please do not misuse the 999 system.

Look after one another and have a great weekend.

Message Sent By
PC 717 Sarah Whitehead (Northamptonshire Police, Neighbourhood Policing Beat Manager, Northampton)

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