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Closure of Banbury Lane

Posted: Tue, 30 Jan 2018 11:23 by Parish Administrator

Closure of Banbury Lane

The Parish Council have been in touch with Northamptonshire Highways regarding the closure of Banbury Lane and received the following.

"We had to shut Banbury Lane under an emergency Temporary Traffic Regulation Order road closure for today only. This is to install a concrete barrier to protect a damaged bridge parapet. Once installed, there will be temporary 2-way traffic lights that will control traffic over both this bridge and the adjacent canal bridge (the permanent signals on the canal bridge will be turned off) until the parapet is repaired.

We are hoping that the permanent repair should be carried out within three months, however it could be longer as the bridge spans the River Nene, so that involves gaining consent from the Environment Agency"

The Parish Council will attempt to get advance notice of the permanent repairs and let people know the dates

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