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Recycling banks upgrade to help improve town environment

Recycling banks upgrade to help improve town environment

Upgrades to on-street recycling banks and their collections are beginning this week in a bid to improve the town environment and encourage residents to recycle more.

The upgrades began on Thursday, 18 October and include the removal of old, large metal skips from 25 locations across the town. Veolia is replacing these skips with smaller wheeled bins, which will be emptied on a more frequent basis. A regular cleanse of recycling bank areas will also help to keep the areas cleaner and tidier as well as assisting with the monitoring of collections and fly tipping of non-recyclable waste.

Recycling banks for bottles, paper, cans, and card and paper are planned to be upgraded by the end of the month and include bins at locations such as Weston Favell Shopping Centre, Market Street, Wootton Community Centre, B&Q on Towcester Road, the Obelisk Centre, Kings Heath Surgery and the Eastern District Social Club.

Councillor Mike Hallam, Cabinet member for environment, said: "The upgrade of the town's recycling banks is part of the ongoing improvements we are making to waste and recycling services with Veolia.

"We hope that businesses and residents alike quickly see the difference the new recycling banks make in improving the town environment and that more frequent collections, which will see the banks being no more than 85% full, will increase the number of people using the banks to recycle their dry waste."

Keith McGurk, Regional Director for Veolia said: "Following the introduction of new recycling wheelie bins and service changes over the summer, Veolia continues to improve the services for residents in Northampton. Upgrading the on-street recycling banks will help keep the streets tidier and will hopefully reduce litter and fly-tip in these areas."

Posted: Sun, 28 Oct 2018 11:16 by Parish Administrator

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