Hunsbury Meadows 3

Clerk: Mr Lalitkumar Patel
52 Meadow Lane, Little
Houghton, Northampton NN7 1AH

Parish Priorities

Parish Priorities

We are canvassing the opinions of our parishioners on the areas and activities that they think the Parish Council should be focusing on in the coming years.

It is very important that people raise the issues that are concerning them, so we understand what to focus on.

Please remember there are limits on what we can do and over what we have any control or influence/authority over. BUT we can represent parishioner's concerns to the relevant authority if we know about them.

There is a form on the homepage of the Parish website for people to leave their views.

PLEASE let us know what concerns you!

Posted: Tue, 19 Feb 2019 11:19 by Parish Administrator

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