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Northampton’s local treasures set to be recognised

Northampton’s local treasures set to be recognised

Northampton Borough Council is asking for nominations for possible inclusion in a Local Heritage List.

At present, there are more than 500 buildings in Northampton that are statutorily listed as being of national architectural or historic interest.

But there are many other buildings, structures or open spaces that make a significant contribution to the town's distinctive character and appearance which do not meet the strict criteria for national designation. These could now be recognised by being included on a local heritage list.

Historic England describes local heritage listing as a means for a community and local authority to jointly identify assets that are valued as distinctive elements of the local historic environment.

The Council has previously identified a number of buildings and monuments within the town centre and within the town's 21 conservation areas that it feels ought to receive additional recognition.

It is now proposing a comprehensive local list for the whole of Northampton. Inclusion on the local heritage list would be a material consideration when the Council considers planning applications.

Cllr James Hill, Cabinet member for Planning, said: "We're now asking the public for their nominations so that we can consider whether there are local landmarks that deserve more protection than they currently receive.

"Anyone can make a nomination and we're not just expecting buildings to be put forward. It's entirely possible that there are parks, monuments and other structures which are felt to have a special character."

The Council has drawn up a list of criteria for possible entries and enlisted the help of an independent selection panel to assess nominations received.

The draft list will be put-out to public consultation later this year and comments received will be considered by the Council's Cabinet when it decides whether to adopt it as Northampton's local heritage list.

A nomination pack has been produced which explains what can be considered for inclusion, the assessment criteria and a nomination form which should be completed for each suggestion.

Details can be found at www.northampton.gov.uk/localheritagelist and copies are also available from the Council's One-stop Shop at The Guildhall.

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments would not be included as they are already protected by national designation. These can be found at www.northampton.gov.uk/listedbuildings

Nominations for entries onto the draft List can now be made and the consultation runs until 31 March.

Posted: Thu, 16 Jan 2020 14:53 by Parish Administrator

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