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Overview and Scrutiny Work Programme - Suggestions for Review

Overview and Scrutiny Work Programme - Suggestions for Review

Northampton Borough Council is inviting residents to put forward their ideas for the Overview & Scrutiny Committee to investigate over the next 12 months.

The Committee, which is made up of members of all political groups at the Council, can look into any issue affecting residents of the Borough with the aim of improving the town as a place to work, live and visit. Up to three of the most popular subjects gathered from public suggestions will be taken forward for investigation during 2019 These will be decided at a Committee meeting in April 2019

Any issues that the Committee decides to look into will be investigated.

The outcome of any review will be contained in a final report with recommendations for the appropriate organisation(s).

The Council's Overview & Scrutiny Committee has previously looked at a wide range of issues including:

If you have any queries or need any help, please contact Tracy Tiff, Scrutiny Officer, Northampton Borough Council, the

Guildhall, Northampton, NN1 DE or by email ttiff@northampton.gov.uk

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