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Scam - Police Officers Will Never Ask You For Money

Scam - Police Officers Will Never Ask You For Money

Police officers will NEVER ask you for money – please warn elderly relatives about this emerging scam

Fraudsters pretending to be police officers are repeatedly targeting the elderly in Northamptonshire.

Over the past few weeks, a number of incidents have taken place across the county where fraudsters have pretended to be police officers conducting covert investigations in order to gain the trust of elderly people with the aim of scamming them out of their money.

In once such incident, a woman in her 90s was approached by a man purporting to be a police officer from Oxfordshire, looking into financial irregularities at her bank.

After making her promise not to tell anyone about the 'secret investigation', the fraudster managed to scam the woman out of thousands of pounds.
Detectives are now appealing to younger people to speak to their elderly relatives about this scam to help prevent them from becoming a victim.

Detective Sergeant Darren Little, said: "We are really trying to raise awareness of this emerging scam that is making its way around Northamptonshire and we really need younger people to speak to their elderly relatives about it.

"Please remind your relatives that a genuine police officer will never ask anyone for money, regardless of the investigation they are conducting, and anyone purporting to be a police officer doing this should be reported immediately.

"If a genuine police officer does need help from members of the public, they will not mind proving beyond all reasonable doubt that they are legitimate. They will also not mind coming back at a suitable time when other family members can be present.

"A real police officer will also never ask you to keep a secret or make you feel rushed or coerced into doing something you wouldn't normally do.

"Please remind your elderly relatives of these facts and if they are in any doubt of the legitimacy of a police officer, tell them not to be afraid of asking the officer to call again at a time when you can be present as well."

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Susan Fletcher (Police, Crime Prevention Officer, Northamptonshire)

Posted: Tue, 16 Jun 2020 09:22 by Parish Administrator

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