• The Next Parish Council Meeting will be on the Wednesday, 6th July 2022 at Pineham Barns School at 7.15pm.
  • To contact the Council please email : Clerk@ Hunsburymeadows.org.uk

Parish Litter Picks

The Parish holds regular litter picks, normally twice a year in the Spring and Autumn.

All the equipment such as protective gloves, pickers, sacks etc is provided and it is open to adults and children so it is a great way to make sure the area we live is tidy and safe and have an enjoyable morning with other residents. The more people who come along the better and the greater the area we can cover.

Next Litter Picks

Unfortunately in light of the current coronavirus epidemic and with the current Government advice regarding social distancing the Parish Council have decided to cancel both of the planned Litter Picks.

If possible we will be looking to run events later in the year

Last updated: Wed, 20 Jan 2021 17:25