• The Next Parish Council Meeting will be on the Wednesday, 6th July 2022 at Pineham Barns School at 7.15pm.
  • To contact the Council please email : Clerk@ Hunsburymeadows.org.uk

Fault and Problem Reporting

The Parish Council is looking to develop a fault and problem system for the Parish which covers both issues within the control of the Parish Council and in cases concerning other parties and where the normal reporting systems haven't worked.

This will be for situations where people have already reported problems to the relevant organisations such as a developer, management company, Northampton Borough Council, Northamptonshire County Council, Northamptonshire Highways and the problem has NOT been resolved in a satisfactory or timely manner.

The Parish Council is NOT the primary point of contact for issues and problems for developers, management companies and other Councils but we are sometimes able to facilitate action. Please remember that this is a TRIAL system

Reporting Form

Please enter in the details of the problem/fault in the below form.

Please try and supply as much detail as possible as this will make it much easier for the Parish Council to identify the problem and if necessary deal with the relevant organisation.

* Required Field

Please enter your name

Please enter your email address so we can contact you

Please add a contact phone number (optional)

Please select the general type of problem

Please locate where the problem is. Street names, road junctions etc. If there is a lamp post nearby provide it's number

Please select which is the responsible organisation

Please enter any reference or case number from the organisation that you have reported the problem to.

if the organisation has given you a completion date please supply it

If you can take a photograph of the problem please supply it

A second photograph of the problem if needed

Please indicate whether you Do or DO NOT give us permission to share your data with the Responsible Organisation.

Please remember this is a trial service

Any information stored by the Parish Council from this fault reporting system will be handled in full compliance with GDPR and on request the Council will provide records showing how personal information has been held and treated.

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