• The Next Parish Council Meeting will be on the Wednesday, 6th July 2022 at Pineham Barns School at 7.15pm.
  • To contact the Council please email : Clerk@ Hunsburymeadows.org.uk

The Parish Council

Hunsbury Meadows Parish Council was formed in 2013. The current Council was elected in May 2021.

The Council consists of 8 elected Councillors and a Parish Clerk. At present there are 7 elected members and the Council has vacancy of 1 members. Anyone over the age of 18,living, working or owning land within the parish and would like to contribute to the welfare of their community is eligible to be a Councillor.

Please apply to the Clerk:


Parish Council Vacancies

Thank you for your support. At present we have 1 vacancy on the Council.

Below you will find some pages providing further information on what Parish Councils and Councillors do, who can be a Councillor and some Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested please email the Council at clerk@hunsburymeadows.org.uk, message us on Facebook or come along to the next Parish Council meeting.


The Council meets the first Wednesday in every month EXCEPT JANUARY 2022 and is at the the Pineham Barns School at 7.15pm.,

Everyone is welcome at the meetings so that they can hear what is happening in their area and there is an opportunity, during each meeting, for the members of public to raise any local matters that they wish the Council to address. The Council will make a note of it and discuss at the following meeting(s).

The meeting is also attended by West Northamptonshire Council members and members of the Press if so wish.


Our councillors are either elected or co-opted and have all volunteered to contribute to their community. If you would like to contribute please look at the Parish Vacancies section

Details of the current councillors and their responsibilities are given below

Hunsbury Meadows Parish Council Standing Orders

Our Staff

The Parish has one employee who is our Parish Clerk to help deliver the range of services we provide.

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