• The Next Parish Council Meeting will be on the Wednesday, 6th July 2022 at Pineham Barns School at 7.15pm.
  • To contact the Council please email : Clerk@ Hunsburymeadows.org.uk

What do Parish Councils do?

Parish Councils - also called town councils, neighbourhood councils or community councils in some areas – are responsible for delivering local services.

There are over 10, 000 Parish Councils (some of which are called town, community or neighbourhood councils) representing around 16 million people across England. They form the most local level of government and cover many rural and urban areas.

Northamptonshire has 213 Parishes with councils, plus 51 Parish meetings (which do not hold elections). Together they cover almost all of the county, with the exception of unparished areas in Wellingborough, Kettering, Corby and the centre of Northampton. Though new Town Councils are being formed in those areas at these elections.

The Parish Council has an overall responsibility for the well-being of your local neighbourhood. Their work falls into three main categories:

  • representing your local community
  • delivering services to meet local needs
  • striving to improve quality of life in the parish

The Parish Council might provide, maintain or contribute to the following services:


litter bins

bus shelters

local illuminations

car parks

local youth projects

community centres

parks and open spaces

community safety schemes


community transport schemes

public lavatories

crime reduction measures

street cleaning

cycle paths

street lighting

festivals and celebrations

tourism activities

leisure facilities

traffic calming measures

Parish Councils work with larger councils (district, borough or county) in the area called 'principal authorities' and cooperate to ensure the effective delivery of services to the local community. With the formation of the two Unitary Authorities in 2021 they will be the ONLY local representation people will have into the Unitary Authorities.

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